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    releases August 25, 2017

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Planets In Order
Lily's National Anthem
Players of the Field
Waterfall Snake Juice
Long Distance Swimming
Talk To Me w. Birds
Inst 2-2 (Dre's National Anthem)
It Only Gets Easier
North Porsche
There's a Party
I Don't Like The Name
Face With No Lines


With Good Time Now, Ramp Local presents a brilliant collection of tracks from Lily Konigsberg (of Palberta) and Andrea Schiavelli (Eyes Of Love) that celebrates the immediacy and wonder of American pop classics. As the title suggests, it’s a warm, inviting record, sounding familiar on first listen and subsequently revealing more and more of its intricacies with each successive play. Written and recorded in pen-pal fashion while Andrea and Lily were based in NYC and California respectively, their musical contributions recall the grandiose hooks of pop’s previous eras and transforms them, through the use of home-production, into something timelessly intimate and personal.

Lily’s tracks were recorded in collaborator Matt Norman’s (Horn Horse) childhood home in California. Norman contributes drumming and horn arrangements, giving Lily’s side a distinguished baroque-pop feel. The majority of Andrea’s contributions were recorded in his room in late 2016. His side features multi-instrumental contributions from Paco Cathcart (The Cradle, Big Neck Police, Shimmer) and Sammy Weissberg (Sweet Baby Jesus, The Gradients) on “Long Distance Swimming” and “There’s A Party”. Musically, Andrea’s side reads seductive and lyrical, as his tempered baritone delivers imagery of youthful anxiety, lonely parties, driving a Mercedes Benz. Chromatic, pensive ballads like “Planets in Order” and“Long Distance Swimming” are ornamented with haunting synth-strings and sparkling pianos. In contrast, “Players Of The Field” and “New Old Age Home” are uptempo, full-band cuts that feel like they could be plucked from a 1978 top 40 list. Overall, Andrea’s production is tight and crisp, exploiting the nuanced shimmering tones of acoustic and electric guitars. The record’s closing track, “Face With No Lines” is a subdued, moving piano-ballad that signals the release of the record’s dramatic tension like something from the climax of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Like her Lily on Horn Horse tape, Lily’s side varies in style. Acoustic-guitar driven jams like “Roses” and “Talk To Me w. Birds” bounce set bright, lively melodies alongside off-kilter rhythmic structures that get punctuated by Matt Norman’s stately horns. “I Don’t Like The Name” and “North Porsche” evoke a more serious mood, sparkling with cool synth tonesand distant vocals. “Good Time”, the record’s namesake, is no a straightforward party track. Rather, it’s a breezy, composed meditation on the the mantra “I want to have a good time”, brushing along with syncopated phrases, recalling more a rainy-day 60’s orchestral-pop than dance track. Overall, Good Time Now will find it’s fans in those who appreciate the art and history of songwriting, mastery of which Lily Konigsberg and Andrea Schiavelli use to shape established forms and styles in their liking. With its detailed execution at the hands of two talented writers, Good Time Now seems to stand representative of longstanding appeal of pop music as a constantly-evolving style and means of self-expression.


releases August 25, 2017

Track 1,3,5,7,9,11,13 & 15 by Andréa Schiavelli
Paco Cathcart plays guitar on 7 and drums on 13
Sammy Weissberg plays bass on 7 and guitar on 13
Track 5, 7 & 13 recorded/engineered by Ryan Howe

Track 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 14 by Lily Konigsberg
Matt Norman plays drums and horns
Andréa Schiavelli plays synth on 12
Thanks to Monster, Doti, Nina, Sunny, Ani, Cookie, and Cornelius

Photography by Jonah Peterschild
Designed by Julian Biber

All Songs written recorded and performed by Lily Konigsberg & Andréa Schiavelli c. 2017



all rights reserved


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