Temperate Lands

by The Cradle

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Temperate Lands is Paco Cathcart’s 16th release as The Cradle since the genesis of the project almost two years ago. The work represents the continuation of Cathcart’s attempts, beginning with last June’s Drink the Water (Feeding Tube Records), to integrate the project’s core methodology of recording-as-compositional-process into a more traditional songwriting approach and a comparatively cleaner, higher-definition sonic landscape. The idiosyncratically syncretic nature of the music should feel familiar to those already acquainted with Cathcart’s weirder work, such as the long-form, improvisation-heavy pieces from The Handwriting Series or Basketball is Beautiful, while more casual listeners may appreciate how his reliance on premeditation and familiar compositional forms for Temperate Lands has yielded an album that is less relentlessly experimental, but perhaps ultimately more poetic. At least you can hear the words in this one.

The album is rounded out by the contributions of local musicians Ani Ivry-Block (of Palberta) on accordion and vocals and Sammy Weissberg (of The Gradients) on upright bass. Other projects Paco is involved in includes his other band, Big Neck Police, as well as engineering and mixing for bands Palberta, Dog, The Sediment Club, The Gradients and more.


released January 26, 2016

Ani Ivry-Block - accordion and vocals
Sammy Weissberg - upright bass

All songs written, recorded and engineered by Paco Cathcart



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Reference To The Season
can't find a thing to do
can't find reference to the season
tried to write a haiku
couldn't find reference to the season

I made my mind see your face,
but there was no snow in the background.
there was nothing there at all
so I forgot about you

I dreamed your face all wrong
but somehow it was still you.
even though you'd become a girl
I still really wanted you
Track Name: In Your Hands
who can tell what the problem is?
something too shameful to look up and down

runnin from boredom and biting your tail
lying awake and unable to move

you're got it in your hands
it's in your trembling hands...

the moment you wake up, they're rubbing your lamp
don't they know you're made out of glass?

you feel like the empty matchbox man
the look in your eye shows the severance inside

you've got it in your hands
it's in your trembling hands
Track Name: The Screen of Skin
we're over sex
we're done fucking our shame
we've tried our best
now were done with that game

I'm overfed
each face is a bowl full of milk
I crave the image
but I hate the taste

I'm oversexed
every day I learn it again
I try to connect
and falter at the screen of your skin

why do I put this on you?
Track Name: Watering
when I was watering the plants today
rainbow flashed in front of my eye
nothing happened after that
then I thought, "I've been told a lie".
nothing happened after that

I just sent you sent you something I made.
Man at the desk asked me "what's inside?"
nothing happened after that
I just forgot what I had to hide.
nothing happened after that.

I was watering the plants today
rainbow flashed in front of my eye
nothing happened after that
Then I knew I'd been told a lie
nothing happened after that
Track Name: Overnight Bus Ride
a few hours ago in montgomery alabama nothing important happened far as I know. I was just waiting for my bus. got hungry. walked up the clean streets of a hill sensing towards the center of town. guy I met on the way up to a gas station was just wandering around the clean streets here after a row with his cousin. can’t go back to the house. just takes all my money and spends it himself. and we family. I mean, I work. I work and I come back to the house and he just takes it and spend it himself so we me and my cousin we fought like. yeah, it was bad. no, i’m not making up wi’ him. he kept looking around when he talked to me like he expected someone better to be coming up behind me. He had an oversized red tee shirt on and didn’t look down and out, just down, and i knew he was gonna hit me up for those two dollars. just go make up with your cousin, man. guy can’t force you into a hotel just 'cause you got in a row. but I don’t know the details. I’d been going up the clean streets feeling a little skinny looking for peanuts or something else cheap. went up tallapoosa. turned on cussa. turned onto bibb and laugh out loud. fucking bibb street. after tallapoosa and cussa? and you know tallapoosa and cussa have got to rhyme. can’t just be pronounced cuss-a. for the perfection of my experience to occur these street names have got to rhyme. and i’m nosing for perfection worth a laugh so i’m not looking it up now that i’m in front of a computer and could find out not only the pronunciation of cussa but the etymology too. there’s the gas station. hope the guy in the red shirt figures it out with his cousin. I wish his dad hadn’t died. I see the gas station’s got a food mart and head up there up the clean of the wide street Bibb, giggling at cussa. get chips and peanuts. decide to get the off-brand chips with the monosodium glutinate or whatever msg stands for instead of lay’s dill pickle flavor, for 40 cents less. eat them walking back down cussa where I meet the guy in the red shirt with the residency issue. also the familial issue. turn back onto tallapoosa after I’ve done the talking previously mentioned and get on my bus to Atlanta. there’s a terrible crash on the highway. right side.
the wreckage already looks old, it’s so bad torn up. car reduced to metal machine semblance in torn up horrible moment. traffic backed up forever. metal reduced black and grey like animal innards.
no organs connecting anything anymore. people dead for sure. death like ancient ruins two hours ago horrible crash so torn up.
Track Name: Moth in My Wine
there's a moth in my wine
i wanted to tell you
i wonder, if I said why I wanted to tell you,
it would be a lie?
Track Name: The Fountain
you take my eye
bring it to my lover
give it to her

take out my eye
feed it to my lover
my only shame is her hunger

you take her lips
bring them to her lover
I'll drop a word in the water-
a word is all that you taught me to offer.